Man is to be on earth how God is in heaven. Be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth. The prevailing principle of the kingdom of God is permanent expansion. Subdue and have dominion. Dominion is the highest spiritual power given to man because it is territorial power.

It is to manifest in three dimensions: rulership over creation, the power to perform the works of God, and authority over Satan and demons and any other spirits. The man was created with an instinct for power. When God designs something, He equips it with the ability to accomplish its purpose. This is why human beings have an instinct for power. Leading is not the same as ruling.

We lead when people follow us of their own free will and give us permission to guide them. We rule when people do not want to follow us even though they may know we are carrying out God’s will. When we rule, we have to make decisions against people‚Äôs feelings and desires in order to be obedient to God.

We lead by means of spiritual fatherhood, relationships, service. The ruling may be needed in situations where leadership may not apply because the people we are accountable for are not willing to follow Gods purposes. We must first offer leadership to those under us, but when we face determined resistance, we must exercise rule.

When you don’t rule, you abdicate authority and your anointing diminishes. Gods original intent for his government was priority and order. Even the inequality of ministry, there is a priority. Adam was evicted from the garden for not ruling when he was supposed to. Dominion is absolute territorial power, but authority is the lawful right to exercise it.

No one with delegated authority is greater in authority than the one who delegated power to him, because the one who delegated it has the dominion? The person with dominion did not receive it by choice but rather it was given by God. For a person to delegate authority, he must he in dominion

The continuance of a person power is determined by that person’s submission to authority. A person who is not under authority is not under spiritual protection. True spiritual maturity is character submitted to spiritual authority.

Gods original intention was for human beings to be the agents that would carry out heavens laws on earth. Yet the devil’s desire is to shroud the earth in darkness once again. If Adam had cast the devil out from the garden, the devil would have fled. Let’s stand our ground today. I love you lots.

God bless you.