I would rather walk with God in the dark than go alone in the light. -Mary Gardiner Brainard; Those who abide in His house are tethered to the treasure of the Father’s Heart. God is a God of relationship, they that must worship Him must worship Him not only in truth and in spirit, but also in a covenant relationship.

No matter what you are passing through, depend on and trust Him, He knows the end from its very beginning. God speaks to us in his sweet voice of grace, always directing faith to the fullness of Christ, never to aspirations of the flesh. Many Christians today worship God in the spirit but not in truth.

The truth of Gods word is the person of Jesus Christ. It is the truth that sets free. This same dichotomy makes a Christian born again in the spirit but not a new creature because of the lack of truth. Grace to make your faith pleasing to God, the power to dwell in the truth, anointing to become a new creature, the authority to live in the spirit are yours today in Jesus name. Be strengthened as we continue in prayers and fasting. It’s our month of establishment